Thank you to Streamlit!

Guys, just dropped by to say, what an amazing platform this is. Long story short, I started this past Friday to develop a simple regression app to predict optimal staffing for our production line. Very basic programming knowledge. Spent 2 days just to setup the proper environment on my windows machine with Python. Got the code working in 2 days, but still didn’t look very good(incomplete)…a lot of people talk about outputs and values etc, but for me, the work isn’t done unit I can feed external data and see the output. That is my standard expectation.

Tried flask/ngrok, found it a bit complicated…then saw streamlit and gave it a try…rest is history. Took me a few tries to setup properly but wow, so so easy.

A complete working app in 3 days from scratch, (coded with Python, web app with Streamlit and then online with Heroku) I’m blown away! Thank you - I believe we should be spending time on developing solutions for world and not wasting time configuring and tweaking a million different items in the chain besides the core functionality.

Streamlit solves all of that and more. Best thing I discovered!


Hey @mickymult!

Welcome to the Streamlit Community! It is so nice to hear your story. I have to say I felt the same way when I first discovered Streamlit. :blush: At the time I had just finished making and deploying my first app (under serious time constraints) using Flask and it was not an enjoyable experience! :dizzy_face:

Your welcome to share the apps you make here! We love to keep up with what the community is making! :pray:

ALSO! Did you know that Streamlit has just launched its own platform for deploying apps?:grin: :blue_heart: Its Called Streamlit Sharing and you can request access at the link. You can deploy in literally 3 steps from a public Github repo!!!

Happy Streamlit-ing!