Margin elements not visible on mobile browsers

Repo: GitHub - martindkaz/test_streamlit1
Elements at the very bottom become fully or partially hidden on mobile browsers (see steps to reproduce below). Similarly for elements at the very top, like the sidebar button “>”. The problem seems worse on Chrome on iOS. If one pinches the page and tries moving it within the browser, the elements can be revealed. But for the normal user, they seem gone.

To reproduce (most evident on iOS Chrome, but apparent on other mobile browsers):
If you go to the “page” and enter enough messages in chat_input to make the message list scrollable, then go to the main page “app”, then back to “page”, the chat_input is gone at the bottom. Can be restored by pinching and panning. Same for the “>” sidebar button.


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Thank you for reporting this, @Martin_Dimkovski! Welcome to our forums! :wave:

I’m not seeing that issue on my iPhone, regardless of the mobile browser I’m using.

Please report the issue along with browser information and mobile device references to our GitHub issue page:

If you can also add some screenshots and short gifs so we can better visualize the issue. That would be appreciated.

Also, if you have any questions, let me know! :slight_smile:


Thank you. Opened Margin elements not visible on mobile browsers · Issue #7234 · streamlit/streamlit · GitHub. Includes a video of the issue.

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