Masters 2021 Predictor

I just published my first Streamlit app, which is a dynamic python model to predict the winner of the 2021 Masters (or any other PGA) tournament. You can see it here:

And I’ve just published a blog about creating it here:

Be great to get any feedback - it’s still a work in progress in evenings and weekend.



This is amazing. I love that you even color-coordinated the chart :smiley:

Do you have pictures of every golfer? If so, it would be cool to show the picture of the project winner too

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Thanks @thiago , appreciate the feedback. Yes, ended up googling the Streamlit RGB!

Adding pictures of the winner would be a great improvement - I’ll take a look into how I can do this, though if you’re aware of any existing resources do please let me know.

Thanks again, appreciate the response

Thanks for the suggestion @thiago - I’ve just added dynamic pictures :slight_smile:

Thanks again