Memory Leakage

I have a multipage streamlit app which is deployed with AWS ECS (I am thinking of deploying it on DigitalOcean). It is a some kind of data collection app. Basically if a user goes till the end of the and submit his/her answers, used memory till that moment decreases (after submission app directs to homepage). However if a user closes the tab before going to, memory till that moment accumulates and stays in the machine which causes a memory leak. Any suggestions to release memory if a user closes a tab?

Hi @terens

Have you seen the following blog that addresses the issue you’re having with memory leakage and provides solutions:

Hope this helps!

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Thank you for your response. I implemented the codes here and got a response like in below image. So something in": 6 is leaking but I do not understand which code, object or variable is leaking.

We can close this topic. My app simply crashes because of wrong load testing script…