Merge cells with pandas multi-index table

Hey guys,

Im currently working on a school project and i am wondering if i can merge cells in the UI of my streamlit app.

Indeed, when I print my pandas multi index dataframe using st.table, this is what it print:

I want to merge the 3 firsts rows ‘VC’.
In HTML it refers to use rowspan = 3.
I don’t know how to do it in streamlit


Hi @thes41d, welcome to the Streamlit community!

With a multi-index, it’s hard for us to know what people intend (such as in your case). You can however concatenate those values yourself, so that you can get the display you want.


hi Randy i too have such issue, see the below screen shot, my header will start from row number 10, but I also need to show all the details from column 1 -9, similer to how we “freeze pane” in excel sheet.