Messagesize Error

Hi All,

I am using Streamlit for my DS project. The data for this project resides in Github and is of size 6gb.
When I try running streamlit, I am getting this Messagesize Error. I modified the file (user/Anaconda3/Lib/site-packages/streamlit/ as show below to 1000 MB

@create_option(“server.maxMessageSize”, type=int)
def _server_max_message_size() → int:
“”"Max size, in megabytes, of messages that can be sent via the WebSocket connection.

Default: 200
return 1000

Also, I created a config.toml file in user/.streamlit folder and added the configuration

maxMessageSize = 1000

Still I am getting the error ’ MessageSizeError : Data of size 246.0 MB exceeds the message size limit of 200.0 MB.’ Not sure where else I am supposed to change the settings. Can you help me with this?