Streamlit st.dataframe size limit, bad message format (tried to use session info before it was initialized)

I have a streamlit app which displays >5000 rows of data in the app. The app runs successfully in the local, but when deploying to the server, it has error saying cannot connect to server. I think it’s the size issue since if I decrease the size to 1000, it doesn’t give me the error.

I wonder if there’s any solution to solve this? Displaying the whole dataset is a key function for my tool.

Thank you! This is a bit urgent so wonder to get your help.

Hi @Eva_S, one thing what you could try is use caching: Caching can help improve the performance of your app by storing frequently accessed data in memory, reducing the number of requests to your server.

I used st.cache_data, so it should not be the storing data issue.

I just upgraded to 1.20.0 (previously using 1.18.0), the dashboard now solves the problem half way:

  1. it first stops and gives this error
  2. then after clicking the ‘Done’, the data is shown in the app correctly.

How can I avoid this bad message format error?


Report back to this thread:

I shrinked the amount of data I load into the frontend in data model, and this problem solved. The app is not suitable for too large amount of data.