MIDI to WAV Streamlit app

Hello fellow music generation engineers!

Following a discussion on Piano Music Generation with LSTM in the Style of Chopin, here’s a quick app to convert MIDI to WAV.

App: https://share.streamlit.io/andfanilo/streamlit-midi-to-wav/main/app.py
Source: GitHub - andfanilo/streamlit-midi-to-wav: Streamlit app to convert MIDI to WAV with FluidSynth.

It uses pretty-midi and FluidSynth underneath, and one could probably fork and use its own soundfonts to change the sound :wink: .

Thanks GitHub - jkanner/streamlit-audio: Tutorial demonstrates band-pass filtering and whitening and st.audio should build audio headers for raw data · Issue #947 · streamlit/streamlit · GitHub I struggled to get numpy data to play in st.audio so I hope this can help others.

Next I’d like to build a component with Tone.js to play music with more controls over the sound.