Modify library file installed via pip after app deployment

I have installed the component streamlit_agraph via pip. I use it locally with import streamlit_agraph. There is a kind of bug in the component that I managed to solve by editing one of the files from the component’s library. I’m going to deploy my app, and I don’t know if I can modify this file on the cloud where my app will be deployed. The library repo has no activity since last January, so I’m afraid I can’t request a fix from the owner.
I made a first try deploying my app but I can’t figure out how I can modify (on the Streamlit cloud server) the files installed from requirements.txt
Any ideas?
Thanks a lot!

Hi @juanff

If you fork the streamlit_agraph repo and make the necessary changes, then you can specify that custom GitHub repo in your requirements.txt file.

You can see this Docs page for info on how:

Hope this helps!

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