Can I add conda package in requirements.txt?

Dear Streamlit community.
I’m new of streamlit and now I would like to deploy my app to github.
My app uses a conda package which can’t install with pip command or apt-get.
Is it possible to deploy app which requires conda packages?
If it possible I would like to know how to make requirements.txt
Kind regards,


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Hi @iwatobipen, great news that you are in the community!!
Do you have a Streamlit Share account?? If not, you may ask for one here.
Seems to me that it is not possible for now to install packages with conda, but not sure. Maybe @randyzwitch could clarify this.

What conda packages are you wanting to install??


Hi @iwatobipen, welcome to the Streamlit community!

I feel like I saw a demo of this at one point, but I can’t remember off-hand. I will follow-up with our engineering team and get back to you shortly.


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Hi @iwatobipen -

Installing from conda does indeed work! I’ve set up an example project here, and we’ll work on getting the instructions into our proper documentation soon:


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Hi @randyzwitch @napoles3d!

Thank you for your kind support!
Finally I could deploy my example app with conda package.

I appreciate your kind support!


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Really cool @iwatobipen

(Btw, you could put your app in the show the community section :wink:)


Thanks guys, this saved me a lot of trouble!