Modify st.text_input?


I would like to modify st.text_input forcing a widget rerun for every new letter written by the user (instead of a rerun trigger by hitting enter).

Does anyone have an idea how to this?

Hi @magnesyljuasen,

Thanks for posting!

Do you mean that you would want the app to rerun every time someone puts a new letter in the input box? Can you share the use case? That might help us make more helpful suggestions

Caroline :balloon:

There is the streamlit-keyup component described in this thread:

:link: Link to repo.

Wow great! That’s exactly what i was looking for.

@magnesyljuasen - I’m curious. What is the use case? What will your app do on every key stroke?

The use case is to make an address autocomplete widget:)

For every key stroke, the app does an API call for adresses in Norway using the st_keyup return value.

St.selectbox and st.multiselect were unable to do this due to the list of adresses being very long…

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