ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'openpyxl','PyWhatKit'

This is the log in the Streamlit App, From what I can understand from the log, is that it is intalling openpyxl but for some reason it is uninstalling it, and when I want to use it in it will raise an error, Not only that but it will raise similar error for PyWhatKit, Streamlit-Extras.
The repository : Repostitory

@Shubham_Aggarwal Try to use environment.

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From your repo I see you didn’t include a requirement.txt file.

Include it and in the file type in openpyxl but without any version attached to it , and rebuild the app.

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Okay, but the problem is where should I put that requirement.txt file, as you can see the file is not present at the directory to which I have linked above File in the repository where my application is present. but it is present at the repository fileFolders with Requirement.txt file

Can you please elaborate, I’m new to programming nd really new to the Streamlit cloud platform, and wasn’t able to get the results after when I searched your solution on the web.

I deployed your application and got KeyError, because sys.platform returns linux and your get_platform() function cannot handle that case.

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