ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'whisper'

Will not install the whisper module. Any thoughts?

Please provide sufficient information, see our guide and share a link to your public github repo.

Public github repo is: GitHub - pchavaux/speech-to-text

Because both requirements.txt and packages.txt are missing packages that are needed in your streamlit app!?

I took out whisper for testing purposes. I put it back and I am still getting that error.

with whisper added to the packages.txt I get this error:
E: Unable to locate package whisper

You put the wrong package name in the wrong file.
Read the documentation of the libraries you use!

With whisper==1.10.1 I get this error:
ERROR: No matching distribution found for whisper==1.10.1

Have you read the documentation?

Yes, I have. What did I miss?

It runs fine on my local gpu server, no issues.

Sorry, I missed the part where whisper won’t run on your site. I see why you got so angry. You could take a couple lessons in customer service.