ModuleNotFoundError: Wikipedia - on streamlit share

I’m trying to deploy my streamlit app on streamlit share but i’m getting the following error:

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘wikipedia’

I’m using a wikipedia package that scrapes wikipedia.

This is my github link: GitHub - saradabb/mental-health

I really appreciate any help I Can get, thank you.

You might need to cleanup your requirements.txt and make it more flexible.

The first issue that I can see is anaconda-client==1.7.2. It looks like the version available on Debian is 1.2.2

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This is correct. When you see things like this in a requirements.txt, it’s almost certainly not going to work:

appnope @ file:///opt/concourse/worker/volumes/live/0291c9e1-4b15-459f-623e-2770f55be269/volume/appnope_1594338395037/work

Since it’s unlikely your app actually requires 275 packages, I would go back and write out just the dependencies you need, and without the local file references.