Month Selection Calendar in Streamlit

Hi, I am wondering if there is a way by which i can get the month selection calendar in streamlit, where instead of date, user will be able to select the month and the year.

Hi, I found this code that could be useful:

import streamlit as st
from calendar import month_abbr
from datetime import datetime

with st.expander('Report month'):
    this_year =
    this_month =
    report_year = st.selectbox("", range(this_year, this_year - 2, -1))
    month_abbr = month_abbr[1:]
    report_month_str ="", month_abbr, index=this_month - 1, horizontal=True)
    report_month = month_abbr.index(report_month_str) + 1

# Result
st.text(f'{report_year} {report_month_str}')

Source: Support choosing an entire month in date picker ยท Issue #2463 ยท streamlit/streamlit ยท GitHub