Multi app deploying

Does anyone have experience on deploying multi applications ?
I tried out Streamlit-launchpad, as well as multiapp, but failed to get anything running…
Any suggestions ?

Hi @blob123,

What deployment platform are you talking about?

I looked at this streamlit-launchpad is it this one?

This is not created by the Streamlit team but is a component that is made by someone in the community (that apparently only works on the windows OS!!!)

What functionality are you looking for?

Happy Streamlit-ing!

Hi Marisa,
Thanks for your message.
Yes I looked into streamlit-launchpad, but failed to implement it.
I also tried multiapp.
I’m just looking to deploy several apps at the same time on the same server.

I’m not sure if you’re running on streamlit sharing or your own server.

I’m running multiple streamlit apps on my server, just by using different ports (and then I use NginX as a reverse proxy to structure the website properly).

An obvious alternative is to use something like one of the multipage apps, if you want visitors to select which app they want, or possibly something like the experimental st.experimental_get_query_params() if you want to dynamically choose the app based on the URL parameters.

I haven’t looked at streamlit-launchpad, but there are many many examples of how to run a multipage streamlit app. The basics are that you wrap each app up in a function, and then call whichever function you wish to display, based on some criteria (eg a select box, or a URL parameter).

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Actually I try to run multiple streamlit apps on AWS … that’s why I was thinking of streamlit-launchpad or multipage streamlit app.