Multiple apps on same server

Our ideal scenario is:

– one server hosting multiple apps (streamlit run entrypoint, not app-per-port)
– subpaths per app (so shareable + linkable urls)

We have successfully hacked it so we dynamically load available dashboards and a switchboard dropdown dynamically the dashboard of interest.

However, we’re stuck on shareable URLs. Our original idea was look at the session header and pull out page#subpath … except we don’t get that header, just the root.

Any other ideas on how to get fragment urls? Or maybe there is a way to map all subpaths to the same entrypoint, and thus the session header reports which is being triggered?

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Hey @lmeyerov, welcome to the community :wink:

If you have a dropdown which loads the dashboard you need, the feature you’re asking for reminds me of this PR. The value of your dropdown would be pushed as a query string, and each of your dashboards would effectively be a subpath.

If it fits your needs, we could ping the PR and eventually help there.

Yep, this would get far! Will continue on the thread.

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