Multi pages app

Hi everyone !
I’m building a multi pages app, and I need to upload a csv file in the app, and use this file in all pages without uploaded it each time I switch page, how can I share the file between all the pages ?
Thanks !

Try using database or session

You can try this solution here. I have been using it for my app and thus far it has been okay. Just use one excel sheet, save all your data therein and follow the instructions in the link. You can now save all your data into one excel sheet and call it in the various pages of your app.

Okay I’ll try this ! thanks

And this system works even if the app is online ? for other users ?
btw thanks, I will check this out

Yup, I hosted with streamlit so I just need to re-upload the latest version of the csv file to github. Not sure how it would be done for AWS and some other hosting provider. But all you will need to do is to update the csv file regularly and save this new file. It will thus always be available for use.