Multipage application

Hallo there, i am developing a new multipage application and when invoking the st.Page, I am getting an error:

Attribute Error There is no st.Page

a sample code for the application i am developing.

    page_title="Genome analyzer",
    page_icon="Universitat Potsdam",
st.image("", width=100)
st.header("Genome analyzer Universitat Potsdam")
    "Developed by Gaurav Sablok, Academic Staff Member, Bioinformatics, Universitat Potsdam, Germany")

analyze_genes = st.Page("", title="Analyze Genes",
analyze_genome = st.Page(
    "", title="Analyze Genome", icon=":material/add_circle:")
analyze_genomeannotations = st.Page(
    "", title="Analyze genome annotations", icon=":material/add_circle:")
analyze_gff = st.Page("", title="Analyze genome gff",

Thank you for the help and time.

Hi @gauravcodepro, welcome to the forum!

Most likely you are using an older version of streamlit.

You can check by running streamlit --version or by adding a line in your app like this


st.Page was only introduced in streamlit 1.36, so older versions will not support it.

If youโ€™re running into this issue locally, you can do pip install streamlit>=1.36.0

If youโ€™re running into it on community cloud, you can update requirements.txt (or however you are specifying dependencies) to have a line that says streamlit>=1.36.0

Thank you for the reply and i am going now to work on this.