Multiple number inputs using same number_input

Hello, I’m working on an application that allows the user to insert multiple school grades (german system, numbers 00-15) using the same number_input, I then want to re-calculate the every time the user adds another grade. I also want the use to be able to easily add and remove these grades. I’ve done some research in the forums here and came accross a similar application that uses text inputs and tasks but the code doesn’t work properly for me andI have no idea how I could adopt the solution for my use case. link to the mentioned conversation

Is this possible to do with streamlit and if yes, how could I implement such a system ?

If this is not the giht place for this sort of question, please let me know.

I answered this on Discord but am still adding the solution here so that other people struggling with the same question may refer to this later.

import streamlit as st

def Nums():
    return []

nums = Nums()
num = st.sidebar.number_input("Input Number")
if st.sidebar.button("Add number"):

    inputs = nums
    st.write("Sum: ", sum(inputs))
    st.title("Enter some numbers")
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Thanks for helping me out !
Solution is great and also works in multipage apps in case you are wondering.

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Awesome. Glad I could help :smile:.

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