Multiselect comp for multiple background colors on fields rgb

Currently can only be modified as changing can be identified by the below options

  • for one color as the entire widget
  • for every field, different color, manually with css
  • default by red

Say I have 1 million colors and I want to make the background for every field selected customizable with rgb colors. I would like to have multiple ways to do it or the best to way to do it.

Hi @tagalon

You can use st.color_picker to allow users to select a color they like. This returns a Hex color code, which you can apply the ImageColor.getcolor() method from the PIL library to get the RGB code.

color_input = st.color_picker('Choose the first color', '#FFFFFF')
ImageColor.getcolor(color_input, 'RGB')

Hope this helps!

This is not what I was looking for. Inside multiselect, all the displayed options only display black as it’s background color and wanted to get every background color for every field shown instead.

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