Multiselect with different colors


I use multiselect to allow the user to choose which columns of his data does he want to keep.
My question here is to know if it is possible to show 2 different colors inside 1 multiselect to help the user to take a decision. I want to change the color (in grey) of the columns where the standard deviation =0 (where there is no change in his data).

Thank you

Hi @Christophe,

Can you clarify the effect you’re looking to create? Are you looking to change the color of the text labels? Or is it the background color?


When you make a selection in multiselect, by default your selection appear in the select box with the writing in white and the background in red, I want to know if it is possible to change the background in other color, for example writing in white and back in grey.

@Christophe have you checked out theming? It sounds like that would work for what you’re trying to implement