Multiselect reloads the page

Hi everyone,

I am facing an issue that when I select any items from the st.multiselect, the page is reloaded, and the selected item is also reset.

I tried to add st.session_state, but it did not help much. Can anyone have experience in this case? or any comment would be highly appreciated.

Below is my code

def load_data(self, db_result):
	# Load full dataset of RecordSet
	df_record_set, count_record_set = self.load_record_set_data(record_set_col)
	st.write('### Full RecordSet', df_record_set)'Total items: ' + str(count_record_set))
	record_set_selected_indices = st.selectbox('Select rows:', df_record_set.index)
	record_set_selected_rows = df_record_set.loc[record_set_selected_indices]
	st.write('### Selected Rows', record_set_selected_rows)
	# Load full dataset of Exporting Template
	df_exp_tem, count_exp_tem = self.load_exp_tem_data(exp_tem_col)
	st.write('### Full Exporting Template', df_exp_tem)'Total items: ' + str(count_exp_tem))
	exp_tem_selected_indices = st.selectbox('Select rows:', df_exp_tem.index)
	exp_tem_selected_rows = df_exp_tem.loc[exp_tem_selected_indices]
	st.write('### Selected Rows', exp_tem_selected_rows)
	# Add a 'Generate channel' button
	generate_clicked = st.button('Generate channel')

	if generate_clicked or st.session_state.generate_channel:
		st.session_state.generate_channel = True
		# Get RecordSet Id to find related ECG with channels
		# Query to get list of ECG channels based on RecordSet Id
		result = self.load_channel_list_from_record_set(ecg_col, record_set_col, record_set_id)
		# Nested For Loop
		ecg_data = [
			for x in result for y in x[]

		# Get text of channels based on selected exporting template
		list_channels_str = 'Channel ' + exp_tem_selected_rows[cons.HEADER_CHANNEL]
		# Widgets will be genrated by the number of ECG records
		# This is used for mapping channel between ECG record and Exporting template
		for x in ecg_data:
			st.write(list_channels_str + ' from selected exporting template')
			st.multiselect('Record: ' + x.file_name,, key=str(x))
		map_clicked = st.button('Extract data')

		if map_clicked:
			st.write('test - ''Extract data'' button is clicked')


  • Current: When ‘V5’ is selected, the page is reloaded and no item is selected.
  • Expectation: When ‘V5’ is selected, the page remains stable (no reload), and the item is added to the multiselect widget. Then, other items are also can be added.

Open question: Is that possible to have 2 different st.session_state to handle 2 different business processes in a function? If not, which is the best practice?

Thanks for your reading.

Check out forms

That could help with the page reloading as soon as you select something.