My app disappeared

I have an app: The app uses vector database to retrieve information about vaccination in foreign language. It was working fine for few hours, but then it disappeared from the list of my apps and was not accessible. I created another one and it works now.

Any ideas why it can be deleted to prevent the same issue again?


Hey @jivishov,

When you say that the app wasn’t accessible, what happened when you navigated to the URL of the app? Did it still exist there?

When I tried to access via the URL a page was saying that I don’t have access to the app even though I was logged in with my account. Then I checked the list of my apps on Streamlit, the “control panel”, and the app wasn’t on the list, it literally disappeared. I had to make a new app with the same app name and it works now.

Had you deleted the GitHub repo associated with the app?

I didn’t. It was there and still there. It is private as it contains some private connection data. But the Github repo was public when Streamlit app was “deleted”. I made it private right before I created this post.

@Alexandru_Toader any idea what might have happened with this?

I might have caused this earlier today when I was troubleshooting unhealthy apps. Sorry about causing the issue @jivishov !

No problem at all @Alexandru_Toader ! By any chance you would kindly point to a “checklist” of “unhealthy app criteria”? Would not want to unintentionally violate the rules in the future neither. Also, I could check now if any resemblance with the unhealthy apps criteria in my vaccination app is present and correct it.

I don’t think you need to do anything. I was using a query to identify applications that failed to boot up due to a failure in the deployment process. Applications that suffered from this issue were in an unrecoverable state and should have been deleted by the system. My goal was to delete these applications manually to free up resources.

Your application suffered from a transient failure that was misclassified as a permanent failure, leading to its deletion.

You should be good to go!

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