My app is running on my local system but is getting stuck at processing dependencies when I deploy

Thanks a lot!

Hi @Deekshita_Doli . I have observed your coding of in your GitHub. Whenever you are interested to deploy the which are working with openai keys, instead of using dotenv use the following pattern of coding style:-


Befor using the above one, navigate to the settings of your app then navigate to the secrets tab. There use the following pattern:-


Happy Streamlit-ing :balloon:

Thank you for the prompt response @Guna_Sekhar_Venkata
But my app is still stuck after processing dependencies :frowning:

Hi @Deekshita_Doli . In the error message you can see that the packages named llama-index requires the package with version 4.5.0 but you are using 4.9.0 and another package requires version less than 2 but you are using the version greater than 2 and also the package named textract is compitable only with 1.12.0 version of six, but you are using 1.16.0. So, try degrade versions of the desired packages and reboot the app once.

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