My Streamlit apps!

Here are the apps I have built using Streamlit:

  1. TabLit
  • TabLit is a Streamlit application that provides a user interface for chatting with Tabular Data using a LLM.
  • Its core functionalities include setting up the chat interface, integrating with the language model for generating responses, pre-processing and formatting data for ingestion by the model, allowing users to explore data, displaying intermediate language model steps, and saving chat history.
  1. StreamPet

StreamPet is a Streamlit application that allows users to explore images and information of cats and dogs based on their selected preferences.

  1. PodSense

Podcasts are a great way to gain insights into different industries and technologies, as well as to learn from the lived experience of people all over the world. But there is limited time, and we end up listening to only some of them!

Many popular podcasts release 1–2 episodes a week, and it’s hard to identify an episode that would appeal to each person. While many episodes provide show notes, additional links, and timestamps, they are not always helpful in understanding the unique aspects of the episode and providing a strong reason for each person to want to listen to it!