New app: Write a children's "virtue tale" with AI

This is the first program I’ve ever written in Python, and I used Streamlit to display it as a web app. I also had to figure out GitHub, API keys, and secret environmental variables as I went along. At some point I’ll write a tutorial about how to make the app for other newbies like myself.

For phase 2 of this app, I’m planning to add a side menu with an option to illustrate the book; ChatGPT will analyze the story and write illustration prompts that it will send off to an AI illustrator (haven’t decided which one yet). Then I’ll have it create a pdf with the whole story and an option to download it or order a printed copy.

This project was inspired by Hasan Aboul Hasan’s video at This is How Professionals Use ChatGPT (Advanced Course) - YouTube.

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