My Streamlit opens a browser tab, but it is blank and does not show my program

other similar topics do not seem to solve my problem. I have my main() function, I have also tried disabling firewall. here is my code Learning-Streamlit/DEPLOYMENT.ipynb at master · AnefuIII/Learning-Streamlit · GitHub

Streamlit opens a tab in the browser apps google chrome, Internet Explorer or opera mini browsers. But total blank page on load of any script. Also, browser does not continue loading. But it loads “streamlit hello” welcome page.

I am running streamlit on my laptop,
IDE jupyter notebook,
Streamlit version 0.89.0,
Python version 3.9.7,
windows 10.

Hi @AnefuIII -

Can you run this code without using Jupyter Notebook? The ‘Save as’ menu will allow you to save as a .py script, and then you can run your app from there.


wow, thank you @randyzwitch It worked on spyder. I really appreciate. you just broke my 48 hours long spell. I almost gave up on data science this period. thank you


Glad to hear it! Don’t wait 48 hours next time :slight_smile:

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ok thank you