My Streamlit Resume

I just created my first Streamlit app and hosted it on AWS EC2. Do check this out. Took me 3 hours to complete but definitely worth more than the effort :smiley: or

Check out my Git repo for the app:


I love the emojis for different pages :slight_smile:


Nice, I always love to see creative ways of reaching people!

As a heads-up, a few of your links are pointing to the wrong place:

  • Under ‘About’, this points to the app page, not github image
  • In the sidebar, source code points to Marc’s github image

Hi @randyzwitch, thanks for pointing that out. I have corrected that.

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The links don’t seem to be working for me?

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Hi Nick, I made a few changes and redeployed the app. For some reason I am unable to edit the post.
Please find the updated app here or
Let me know how you feel

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This is an aweome app @alphadatagamma! :slight_smile:

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@alphadatagamma , just a suggestion.

maybe it would be more efficient to to host a simple resume at heroku and perhaps purchase a domain to forward to the URL. AMZ EC2 can be used next time for more heavy duty use which I think you will use it in the very near future.

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Thanks Adrien.

Hi Andrew,

I haven’t actually tried Heroku yet. But I did use a EC2 instance with low processing power. Also, I used an already registered domain and used it to point to my app.

I will try hosting the next app with Heroku :grinning:

Great work!!Helped me a lot