Navigating to next/previous page in multi-page application


I am wondering if there is any working solution for navigating between pages for a multi-page application. I currently have a multi-page application where I keep the main application script in the main folder and created a subfolder to keep other pages, as described in this:

I am trying to navigate between pages with a button press or something similar, instead of selecting through the sidebar.


Hi @DebayanPaul93, check if switch page works for you. Refer: Streamlit


Hi @Shawn_Pereira , I quickly checked the functionality. I believe this functionality expects all the pages to be in a same folder, as mentioned in:

However, I have a file structure like the following:

Where MCDMT is my main application file, but my pages are kept either in Inputpages folder or Outputpages folder as shown in the image:

If I just enter switch_page(desiredpagename), it throws an error:
ValueError: Could not find page desiredpagename. Must be one of [‘mcdmt’]