Need help in installing building dependencies


Link to the app:
Github Repository:

I get this error while deploying the streamlit app on the cloud. The app runs locally without any errors.
Help is needed ASAP to submit for a Hackathon.

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Got the exact same issue! Everything’s running well locally but I’ve this error while I’m trying to deploy.

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I have made the necessary changes. If you still there need some edits please do correct me. I would like to get help on the same.

Hi @srini047,

Thank you for sharing your repo. There are a couple of issues with your requirements file:

  1. Remove glob from line 5 of requirements.txt. glob is part of The Standard Python Library. Only include packages in your requirements file that are not distributed with a standard Python installation. If any of the modules from base Python are included in the requirements file, you will get an error when you try to deploy. See App dependencies.
  2. Replace sklearn==1.1.1 from line 3 with scikit-learn==1.1.1. sklearn is not a real package on PyPI.
  3. Replace numpy==1.18.5 with numpy==1.23.3, pandas==1.0.4 with pandas==1.5.0, and matplotlib==3.2.1 with matplotlib==3.6.0. The versions you’ve specified don’t have wheels for Python 3.9, which is the default Python version on Community Cloud.

i.e. replace the contents of your requirements.txt with the following, delete your app on Community Cloud and redeploy:


Once you’ve made the above changes, the dependencies issue will go away. You may have other errors in your app (e.g. FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'ssf-ibm-z\\headings.csv'), but those are unrelated to the dependency installation issues in this thread.

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