Networkx - Module not found

I can’t seem to be able to import networkx as nx.
It’s working fine from local host, but not in the cloud. I keep getting “ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘networkx’”
I have added this to the requirements file: analyitical-hierarchy-process/requirements.txt at main · albertovth/analyitical-hierarchy-process · GitHub , but no luck.
I have tried different versions of this: “networkx”, “networkx==x.x.x” (different variants, of “networkx>=x.x.x” and so on, but none of this helped.

I can see that others have posted about this, but then there was a typo in the requirements file. I can’t see I have a typo.
What can be causing this? Is there a particular way I should write this in the requirements file?

It deploys without issue on my end after removing the versions from requirements.txt.

Thanks! It worked after a reboot