New App: Python Code Writing Bot

Hi there!
I wrote a simple app to automatically create python scripts for data analytics projects. Let me know if this is something that will make your life easier! Suggest a new feature in the comments section, and I will make sure to add it in the next iteration!

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Interesting. I tried it and stumbled when I couldn’t manually edit the code in the text panel. Would also be nice to have an undo which would delete the previous line generated. Suggest you have “remove top N rows” and “promote top row to header” options.

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I am building and would be happy to chat.

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Thank you these are valid points! Drop top N rows have been added. Working on the rest!

Great concept!! Mine is not necessarily a teaching tool, it’s more to help people improve the speed and (hopefully) quality of their code. Yes happy to chat.
My email is

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