New application Fontus

The application [Fontus]( Fontus · Streamlit) allows users to create beautiful Piper diagrams.

Piper diagrams are a standard way of visualizing major ions composition from water quality data. They are challenging to create and typically require specialized software. With Fontus they can now be generated online in seconds.

I failed in earlier attempts to write this program because I tried to stuff all options in the sidebar which became very messy. Using the tabs and st.session_state, managing the plot and project properties was easier to manage and looks much cleaner.

:tada: Happy new year to everyone and many thanks to the Streamlit team for all the awesome new features in 2022. Looking forward to whats coming in 2023 ! :tada::fireworks::fireworks:


Thank you for sharing this amazing app with us, Lukas! :raised_hands:


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This looks great mehn!

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