Streamlit App - Data visualizations

Extremely happy to share my first streamlit app - vizdxp. Simple data visualization web app.
Charting library used - plotly.

Learned a lot through the process right from packaging, publishing to pypi and deploying to Heroku.
Will add more features in the upcoming versions.

Please share feedback.

Explore online:
$pip install vizdxp
$python -m vizdxp

Open question: How should I add streamlit/plotly license terms in github repo? Should it also be part of license file as appends?

If I want to make this package as MIT license, should I append streamlit’s Apache 2.0 license and Plotly’s MIT license in a single file. Any direction provided will be of great help.

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Both Apache 2.0 and MIT licenses are meant to be permissive. In this case, you can make your code whatever license you choose, your usage of the libraries doesn’t imply any direct connection or endorsement from the Streamlit or plotly projects.

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Got it… Thanks

there are a problem with sidebar it should disappear when i click on X?

Thanks for pointing out. Collapsible makes sense. Its now corrected and deployed.

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