New asmaier/streamlit-demo Streamlit App

Check out this little Streamlit app I built using the NASA EPIC API:

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I love it! It’s so great! I love how simple it is, but at first I missed the fact that there were controls around it – maybe you could leave the sidebar expanded by default, or add some text pointing people to the sidebar, or put the controls at the bottom. Just some ideas, but it’s really cool!

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Thank you for the heads up. Indeed I first wanted to make the sliders visible immediately. However I then found out that

  1. Streamlit doesn’t offer vertical sliders, which I wanted to use to change the latitude.
  2. My idea that the image would basically rotate in realtime just by moving the slider didn‘t work. Loading a new image is just too slow.

Then I thought, maybe earth looks nicer with no sliders around anyway, so I build it that way. But I can understand that people might overlook the sidebar with the sliders now. Probably the perfect way would be if one could click-drag the image of earth an rotate it like in Google Earth. But apart from the realtime loading issue I don’t know how to build such a click-drag navigation with streamlit.

Yeah, click and drag would definitely be ideal

If you want a vertical slider, you could use Vertical Slider Component

Alternatively, maybe a random location button, or something like that, so it’s obvious you can do something to change the image?