New BMI Calculator Streamlit App

Weight watchers delight:

I’ve put the code on GitHub with full instructions to run the app yourself.

(in response to forum question)



Hi @asehmi , I would love to look and play with the app but it looks like it’s not displaying anything but a blank screen. Is the same happening for anyone else or you?

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Strange… please try the new link? (Thanks for reporting issue.)

Definitely strange. Looks like a great app! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Hi @asehmi,

This looks awesome. Thanks for sharing.

When I tried it out, the app kept refreshing after a few minutes without my input.


Thanks for trying it out. Did you do this locally or online? There are no loops or reruns, so I don’t see how this can happen. I’m stumped. I’ve run it on 1.10.0 and 1.11.0.

I tried this locally on 1.10.

The page refreshed separately thrice in a few minutes. Maybe, my computer’s memory was flooded or something… :-p

Will try it again first thing tomorrow morning.



Kind of related – I made a quick protein calculator because my daughter seems to hate most foods that contain protein!

Code: GitHub - kellyamanda/kids-protein


Nice one… hope it worked out for the kid!

Looks great, but the BMI cut-points are different for eg. asian people (*)

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Sure, this was simply a reproduction of the original poster’s example to provide an answer to their question. Thanks for the reference though.