New Component: link_button, A simple way to link a button to a URL


I just created a custom component to easily link a button to a URL.
Do give it a try :grinning:

pip install link-button
from link_button import link_button

link_button('Click Me!', '')

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Hey this is awesome, no more Markdown links :slight_smile:

are you able to edit the Wiki tracker here : Streamlit Components - Community Tracker with your component? So we can keep track of it!

Have a nice day :balloon:


Love it!

Thanks for sharing @akshanshkmr

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Thanks @Charly_Wargnier

@andfanilo, I have updated the wiki tracker


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I love it, great work from streamlit

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Hey @akshanshkmr

I was preparing a little Twittorial with the new components and wanted to test yours, but I’m getting an error from your app

Maybe you could you check what is happening :wink: ?
Have a nice day,


Hi @andfanilo,

The app should work now,
I had deleted it to make room for the newer components i made :sweat_smile:

Thanks for considering my component for the twittorial.

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@akshanshkmr Is it possible to place it in sidebar? Similar to st.sidebar.* components.

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Hi @tejasvi88,

Sure you can do that with streamlit sidebar context.

from link_button import link_button

with st.sidebar:


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@akshanshkmr pls am trying to deploy an app with this library. I keep getting error on streamlit cloud. what do you think is this problem

Hi @kareemrasheed89 ,

My components have been taken down from pypi for some time.

Sorry for the inconvenience

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@akshanshkmr oooops… what other link button do you think i can use with streamlit, i need to solve a prob for a client

Added to
Streamlit App


Dear Akshanshkmr,

i would like to use your package but pip install link-button doesn’t work.
Do you have an other way to use your function ?

I tried with markdown this in attached file. But it’s not working

Can you help me please

The result



My components are taken down for some time
Sorry for the inconvenience


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how to change the text color and background color?

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not available though

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any way I can access this?

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Hey, Any follow up on when this would be available ?

Thank you very much

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St button style markdown button:

def get_st_button_a_tag(url_link, button_name):
    generate html a tag
    :param url_link:
    :param button_name:
    return f'''
    <a href={url_link}><button style="
    fontWeight: 400;
    padding: 0.25rem 0.75rem;
    borderRadius: 0.25rem;
    margin: 0px;
    lineHeight: 1.6;
    width: auto;
    userSelect: none;
    backgroundColor: #FFFFFF;
    border: 1px solid rgba(49, 51, 63, 0.2);">{button_name}</button></a>
st.markdown(get_st_button_a_tag('your link', 'button name'), unsafe_allow_html=True)
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