New Component: st_radial, A custom component to show metrics

Introducing st-radial:
A cool way of displaying percentage metrics in your streamlit apps

pip install st-radial
from st_radial import st_radial
st_radial('Metric 1', value=88)


Open in Streamlit GitHub


wonderful component
maybe, we can add arguments to control its color, add an arrow or to show percentage.


Thanks, I’ll try to include these changes in the next version🙂

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Love it! I love small focused components, and this one is pretty neat :slight_smile: (I know I could do this in streamlit-echarts but sometimes you just don’t want to download a full package just for one small thing)

Are you able to add it to the Components Tracker Streamlit Components - Community Tracker - Show the Community! - Streamlit so we keep track of it :slight_smile:

Have a nice day,
Fanilo :balloon:


Another wonderful component @akshanshkmr!

As @andfanilo says, sometimes you don’t want to install the whole streamlit-echarts artillery for that very task of metric gauging.

Thanks for sharing!



is this still available? @akshanshkmr @BeyondMyself

Hey everyone, is this still available? @akshanshkmr @andfanilo

I cannot find it on @akshanshkmr’s GitHub and PyPi doesn’t it have it up. There is another thread with another component by the same author that has also been removed, with mention that it will be unavailable for awhile…