New Component: Streamlit Google Charts

Hi all,

I needed Google’s Word Tree chart for an app I’m writing so I made a Streamlit component for react-google-charts. There’s not much to it - really just a lightweight wrapper - but I hope it’s useful to someone.

pip install streamlit-gchart


import streamlit as st
import streamlit_gchart as gchart

cat_data = [
    ['cats are better than dogs'],
    ['cats eat kibble'],
    ['cats are better than hamsters'],
    ['cats are awesome'],
    ['cats are people too'],
    ['cats eat mice'],
    ['cats meowing'],
    ['cats in the cradle'],
    ['cats eat mice'],
    ['cats in the cradle lyrics'],
    ['cats eat kibble'],
    ['cats for adoption'],
    ['cats are family'],
    ['cats eat mice'],
    ['cats are better than kittens'],
    ['cats are evil'],
    ['cats are weird'],
    ['cats eat mice']
gchart.gchart(key="cat_chart", data=cat_data, chartType="WordTree", 
    width=600, height=400, wordtree={"format": "implicit", "word": "cats"}



Yo, this is awesome, Thanks!
Pretty sure I personally will find this useful.

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Looks awesome @MilesG, always happy to see new Streamlit charting components :slight_smile:

Could you add it to the Components Tracker so we can keep track of it :slight_smile: ? Thanks!

(should build a bot to write this message on each component topic automatically one day)


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Thanks Fanilo! Have added it to the post now.