New Component: Streamlit JS Eval

SJE is a custom Streamlit component, built to evaluate arbitrary Javascript expressions and return the result. It can become useful in doing certain functionalities which are simple things to do in JavaScript using the Web API, but unavailable or difficult to do in Streamlit. Examples include cookie management, writing to clipboard, getting device width (e.g. to check if we are on a mobile device), getting browser language, sharing something through Android’s share feature, knowing user agent, checking the battery and network status etc.

Here is an example

st.write(f"Screen width is {streamlit_js_eval(js_expressions='screen.width', key = 'SCR')}")

I will gradually add a more popular Web API to SJE in the form of Python functions so that the user does not have to see any JavaScript. Currently, we have Python wrapper for things like accessing cookies, the clipboard, and geolocation API. Here is an example of asking user’s location

# Returns user's location after asking for permission when the user clicks the generated link with the given text

location = get_geolocation()

Hope this very basic components helps other people and also make Streamlit even ore accessible, particularly with the recent emergence of Stlite, the great work of @whitphx to enable fully client-side Streamlit.

PyPI: streamlit-js-eval · PyPI
GitHub: GitHub - aghasemi/streamlit_js_eval: A custom Streamlit component to evaluate arbitrary Javascript expressions


Beautiful! You should definitely add this to the tracker: Streamlit Components - Community Tracker so we don’t lose track of it!


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