New Component: Streamlit MUI Table

Hello everyone,

I created a simple Streamlit implementation of the Material UI Table.

My goal was to create a table which makes it easy to display styled text in cells. Furthermore, the ability to expand rows to get more information was important.

To achieve that I made it so, that HTML can be used everywhere (cells, column headers, etc). Making it somewhat easier to quickly format the content by just editing the dataframe beforehand.

Maybe someone else will find this usefull.

GitHub: GitHub.
PyPI: st-mui-table · PyPI
Example App: Streamlit (

On PyPI is a little bit more information about the paramters and usage.

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Hello @Tian, great work!

Is it possible to use the Streamlit them?


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This is great!

I’ve shared it internally :slight_smile:


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That sounds like a great project! It’s impressive that you’ve created a Streamlit implementation of the Material UI Table, allowing for styled text in cells and expandable rows. Providing an easy way to format the content by editing the data frame is indeed a useful feature.
I’ll definitely check it out.
It sounds like you’ve put a lot of thought into the design of the table. The ability to use HTML in cells is a really nice feature, and the ability to expand rows is also very useful.

I think your table could be a valuable resource for other Streamlit developers. I’ll be sure to share it with my network.

Thanks for sharing your work!

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Thank you very much for the feedback.

I have added the parameters maxHeight and minHeight to control the height of the table better. Beforehand the table height could change when the content of the cells takes up more vertical space.

When the maxHeight is exceed a scrollbar appears on the right side.

The new parameters can be observed in the example app: Streamlit (

Best regards

Hi Fabian,

thanks for your great work, ist it possible to render buttons/images in the datagrid and Change color of individual Cells and make rows selectable? I got it working with AGGrid but your solution pleases me more.

Best regards

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