New Component: Streamlit Survey - Survey components to collect feedback in apps

Hi all!

I created my first streamlit component, Streamlit-Survey. Read the docs here, hosted on Streamlit Community Cloud :slight_smile:

Streamlit-Survey is inspired by Trubrics, a platform to collect feedback on ML models that integrates with Streamlit. To be able to gather structured feedback with Trubrics and Streamlit, I created this survey component.



pip install git+

The survey components have a similar interface as Streamlit’s input functions. However, they have additional features suited to collecting and analyzing survey data.

Let me know what you think! It’s still under development, so I’d be happy to incorporate suggestions before I publish on PyPI.


Heads up: many features are missing from Streamlit-Survey and there are a few compatibility issues with Streamlit. Looking forward to a more comprehensive solution.