New elouafimed/yesmine-gpt Streamlit App

Check out this Streamlit app I built

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Hey @Elouafi_Mohamed

Thanks for sharing! It would be helpful for the community to also include a short description of the app in this forum post.

Thanks @dataprofessor for the reply.
YesMineGPT is a AI chatbot based on GPT models. It answers general questions and use external tools for specific tasks.
Here some features and examples of inputs:

  • Solve basic Math problems. Solving equations, Computing derivatives, matrices manipulations: what is the derivative of xsinx?

  • Plot functions and surfaces: plot sinx

  • Make animations: animate y=sin(x+t) for t from 0 to 2pi

  • Run python scripts: :run the code of outputxx, where xx is output index containing python code

  • Translate from a natural language to Latex: integral of fraction 1 x^3+1

  • Run javascript animations: make a animated Hello text

For example if we input on math mode: animate the curve x(t)=sin(at) , y(t)=cos(t) for a from 1 t0 2
We obtain the animation:

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