New Streamlit App: GPT-enabled storybook with images

Check out this awesome Streamlit app I built -

It’s a multimodel AI program that creates a story, and changes it as you go, as per your decisions (It’s kind of like Goosebumps, except, get any genre/theme you want).
All with images, and all…

Do check it out, and let me know how I can improve it.

P.S. Here’s the GitHub repo: GitHub - utkrshm/StoryGPT: An interactive storybook built with the help of ChatGPT and Stable Diffusion.


I think your idea here is really fantastic. Your design looks nice and the code seems straightforward and well written – I like your clever session code for handling the input elements status as you progress through the story. It looks and feels polished. I want to see the prompts it generates for stable diffusion – that’s half the fun!

I tried it out and my story didn’t work out so well, but It was fun to play with:

I made an app with a similar concept-- mine does Tarot readings, but I setup prompts similar to yours that taught the model how to give me back some commands that I can parse out, so I know what to ask the user or when to draw tarot cards. It’s at / GitHub - msull/emilytarot: AI Tarot Readings streamlit app if you are interested. One thing I added recently was checking the response to ensure I actually got back commands that make sense when I expect then, and regenerating the response if not:

You could consider something similar in your code to help handle situations like in part3 of my story, where presumably no questions were returned.



@Sully thank you for trying out StoryGPT. I will most definitely work on that, and see that the stories all return options to choose from.

I really like the idea of adding a certain number of attempts to check if the prompt came out all right, and I will definitely add some of that functionality. Thanks for the suggestion!

I totally hijacked your idea – I’ve been using ChatGPT with my kiddos to make little fun stories and things for a while now, particularly about some adventurous cats :slight_smile: So I made a choose your own adventure generator for cat adventure stories. It doesn’t do any artwork yet but it’s still pretty fun to play with!


I absolutely adore it! :heart:
This is more amazing than mine!

Thanks for sharing

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Hey thanks. I’ve been continuing to tinker with it. It generates 2 pictures per story now, and I added a browser for previous stories onto the main page last night. I really enjoy seeing all the art that it comes up with of the cats on their adventures :laughing:

I also got the idea for another interactive fiction while working on this that I’ve been cooking up for a few days now-- hopefully I’ll have something to share soon!

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