New gunjandhanuka/pokedex_classifier Streamlit App

Check out this awesome Streamlit app I built

GitHub Link with Documentation: GitHub - GunjanDhanuka/PokeDex_Classifier: A web app that classifies an image into one of 150 Pokemon using Transfer Learning and Streamlit Framework

  • This tool will help you identify the Pokemon you encounter in your way in the Kanto Region (Generation 1). :jp:

The model uses Transfer Learning from the DenseNet201 model to classify the images into 150 different classes. First the images are resized according to the model input and then using a Softmax layer at the end, we compute the probability of the image to be one of 150 Pokemon. The model might have some difficulty in differentiating between evolved forms of a Pokemon, for example Pidgeotto and Pidgeot!. However you are free to try your own quirky images as well :stuck_out_tongue: