New kaigouthro/streamlit_explorer Text based File Browser Very Beta

I built a thingy that lets you brose folders on the server using a text based (html-able) styling.

solved a few problems while doing it, figured i’d share.

i’d love some help hashing it out to add settings, other actions, file icons, upload/download, download from url…

maybe even add an api to connect google drive, or a local to the computer you’re on ability…

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Hi @Kai_Gouthro,

Thanks for posting!

The app is not loading anything. Can you do a screen recording of the app and share it on this post so others can see the demo of the app if that’s okay?

sure. later today. it’s a very simple example front end way to have a variable stored that is a currdir location, and breadcrumb and file and folder listing, done in text that can be somewhat fit to html styling.
only uses one external streamlit community import to do it.

i figure with some refining and an api, could be a super good fit to allow people to embed file navigation into uploader and downloader configs.

The correct link is

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