Streamlit Sandbox

For my second contribution in as many days, presenting the Streamlit Sandbox (using the excellent Ace Editor Component and an idea brazenly stolen from the latest Streamlit blog post).

This app allows you to start building a Streamlit app live in the browser, powered by Streamlit (talk about meta!)

I’ve made an assumption here that the hosting environment is suitably isolated. Streamlit team, if you have any concerns, do drop me a note.




THIS IS AMAZING. I really really really love this! :heart: :green_heart: :yellow_heart: :orange_heart: :heart_eyes:

It’s such a useful app for those who are just learning streamlit, I think it could be something we can use to demo with!!! :astonished: :exploding_head: :grin:

Super creative idea! and I love it! (have I said that I love it yet? :rofl:)

Keep Streamlit-ing!

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Haha, just wanted to chime in that this is awesome! I love how you’ve exposed the various Ace Editor settings through the sidebar – and your source code is impressively neat! I love it so much, I’ve updated that Streamlit blog post to link to your app (hope that’s okay).

I was developing a similar idea here: , the pitch being that in addition to side-by-side editing, you can save your work into an online database, and get a shareable URL (much like a Github Gist). Warning: I’m liable to copy in some of your ideas around the UI and code editor :wink:


Wow. This amazed me!

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Great demo, thank you! You may have not targeted mobile users, but on a mobile a button for the code box would work better than ctrl- enter.