New Project: Carbon Footprint Calculator App

Hello Streamlit Community! :wave:

After a three-month effort and learning process, I have successfully completed the Miuul Data Science and Machine Learning bootcamp. Combining the knowledge I gained during this process, my team and I developed a project named “Carbon Footprint Calculator.”

Project Overview: Our Carbon Footprint Calculator leverages the power of machine learning to analyze individuals’ daily, weekly, and monthly activities, providing a comprehensive assessment of their carbon footprint from an environmentally friendly perspective. The application goes beyond conventional calculators by determining users’ tree debts to nature, offering a tangible and relatable measure of their impact.

Streamlit Link:
Github Link: GitHub - mesutdmn/Carbon-Footprint-Calculator-App: The Carbon Footprint Calculator project is a user-friendly web application designed to empower individuals to assess and understand their environmental impact.

We value your input. Explore the app, share your thoughts, and let us know how we can improve and expand its capabilities. Your feedback is instrumental in our mission to create a positive environmental impact.

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