Request for increased resourcing for stability to a potentially large user base

Dear Streamlit team,

Some time ago I develop a backend tool for the analysis of climate data to support architecture and engineering students to develop their low Carbon bioclimatic building design proposals.

With the help of an intern, we have now develop a front end app to this using streamlit (which I think is an amazing platform!):

The intention is for this app to be used as a core resource by students of most schools of architecture and civil or building services engineering. Hopefully we would have cohorts of around 100 from several hundred schools globally using this resource. Even if, pessimistically, this app never made it beyond Sheffield School of Architecture (where I’m based), we would likely have a regular cohort of between 100 and 250 student users and no less then 50 simultaneous users during classes.

The reason I’m writing, is that we have already experienced an unexpectedly large incidence of problems due to our app exceeding its resources; requiring intermittent reboots. We’ve carefully examined our code, and made it as lean as we can (so that we’re not even caching data now). We’ve run out of ideas and are still facing the same resource constraint issues. Our App is ready to go live, but I won’t be broadcasting its availability until we have a solution. I’d be enormously grateful for anything that you can do at your end to raise the resource limits on our App so that it can fulfil its potential and I can go ahead and get the word out to the many Schools that would be potential users [in place of other popular but less powerful and useable tools that perform similar functions].

I very much look forward to hearing from you.


Darren Robinson.
(Professor, Sheffield University).

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Hey @DarrenRobinson,

This sounds fantastic! We are creating a streamlit for Teams that I think would actually be a better fit for you and your students!:partying_face:

Teams is currently is a closed beta but if you send me your email I will put you in contact with the person who organizes the Beta.

Also feel free to email me at

Happy Streamlit-ing!

P.s. I’m a grad from the University of Manchester and visited Sheffield a couple times! :star_struck: